BioDesign Automation Consortium

BDAC's Mission

The Bio-Design Automation Consortium, Inc. ("BDAC") was organized to provide and promote education, research, training, and advancement of state-of-the-art technology in the fields of synthetic biology and bio-design automation.


IWBDA - The International Workshop on Biodesign Automation

Allan Kuchinsky International Workshop on Bio-Design Automation Scholarship

The Bio-Design Automation Consortium annually awards the “Allan Kuchinsky International Workshop on Bio-Design Automation Scholarship”. Allan was a tremendous supporter of both synthetic biology as well as design automation. His contributions to projects such as Cytoscape and Eugene as well as numerous Agilent efforts was crucial in helping academic and industrial researchers develop state-of-the-art technologies and tools to lay the foundation for this field. This scholarship in some small measure attempts to recognize his tireless efforts by highlighting a student who shares Allan’s vision for the field. This scholarship provides financial support for one graduate student, post doc, or early career researcher to attend IWBDA.

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SBOL Industrial Consortium

BDAC is collaborating with the SBOL community to establish the SBOL Industrial Consortium. For more information see the SBOL Industrial Consortium website.



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